CHS Cheerleading


Awards and Honors:

NCA Innovation Camp @ UNM (2017)

Varsity: All Americans (Morgan Wright, Sydney Reiter, Melanie Maggine); JV All Americans (Aida Gandara-Sanchez, Raegan Jabor); Top All American: Morgan Wright 

UCA Desert Southwest Regional Championship (2016): 1st Place Game Time Divisions

NCA Camp @ UCCS (2016)

Varsity: Champion Chant, Performance Champion, Spirit Stick, Spirt Megaphone Award, 2 All Americans (Yasmin Martinez, Ryan Jimenez), Top All American: Ryan Jimenez, 2 Staff Apps (Yasmin Martinez, Ryan Jimenez, Herkie Program Award

JV: Game Time Champion, Spirit Stick 

UTEP Ultimate City Championship (2016) 1st Place Small Varsity

NCA Camp @ UCCS (2015)                                                                                                            

Varsity:  Champion Champions, Herkie Award, Spirit Stick), 7 All American Nominees, 4 All Americans (Ryan Jimenz, Abi Gladden, Sydney Ward, Natasha Marcum), Top All American-Abi Gladden  

JV: Champion Chant Champions, Performance Champions, Spirit Stick, 7 All American Nominees, 3 All American (Carolina Quintana, Pam Ramos, Sophia Rey) 

American Cheer Power Mini-Nationals (2015)

 1st place Small Varsity, Grand Champion School Division, Overall Grand Cheer Champion

The City Magazine:  Best in the City (2016, 2014, 2013, 2012) 

NCA Camp @ UCCS (2014)                                                                                                                                   Varsity:  Game Time Champions, Herkie Award, Spirit Stick,Staff App (Becca Shapiro), 6 All American Nominees, 3 All Americans (Becca Shapiro, Karla Sanchez and Taye Guardado)  JV: Champion Chant Champions, Game Time Champions, Spirit Stick, 4 All American Nominees, 1 All American (Ryan Jimenez)

COA Ultimate National Championship-Orlando (2014) National Champions

UCA Camp @ Arizona Grand (2013)

5 All Americans (Meagan Fennell, Jerra Miller, Gabby Ramirez, Sydney Freyermuth, Sydney Ward)

    Varsity Awards:  Superior Team, 2nd Home Dance, 2nd Xtreme Routine, 3rd Sideline, Spirit Stick, 2x Riff-Off Champs

                           Jump Off Champion-Becca Shapiro, Jump Off 3rd-Melissa Mitchell, Jump Off Finalists-Devan Ortega

                           and Gabby Ramirez, UCA Staff Apps-Meagan Fennell, Gabby Ramirez

    JV Awards: Superior Team, 3rd Xtreme Routine, Spirit Stick

American Showcase Anaheim (2013) Silver Champions

NCA Battle of the Sun City (2013)

     1st Fight Song, 1st Place Time-Out Dance, Specialty Awards: Best Use of Jumps, Innovative Choreography

NCA Camp @ UCCS (2012)

JV and Varsity Champion Chant, JV and Varsity Game Time Champions, 7 All Americans (MaddySchwartz, Meagan Fennell, Katie Stephens, Stephanie Johnson, Devan Ortega, Taye Guardado and Becca Shapiro), Leadership Award (Maddy Schwartz),Top Gun Jumper 1st and 2nd, Top Gun Dancers 1st and 2nd, Top Gun Tumbler 3rd, 2 Spirit Sticks, 2 National Bids, 3 Staff Applications(Maddy Schwartz, Katie Stephens, Stephanie Johnson) and the Herkie Team Award for the CHS Program

UCA West Coast Championship (2012)

     1st Place Fight Song, 1st Place Time Out Cheer, 2nd Place Time-Out Dance, 3rd Place Small Varsity, Daryl Stein

     MDA Jump Off Top 3, Katie Stephens MDA Jump Off Top 10

UTEP Ultimate City Championship (2012) 1st Place Small Varsity

UCA Land of Enchantment Regional (2011)

     1st Place Fight Song, 1st Place Time-Out Dance, 1st place Time-Out Cheer

KTSM NewsChannel 9 Cheerleading Team of the Year, featured in the Ultimate Football Guide 2011 

NCA Camp @ UCCS (2011)

     Champion Chant, Game Time Champions, 8 All Americans (Daryl Stein-TOP, Chelsea Reiter, Morgan Taff, Maddy

     Schwartz, Gabby Ramirez, Melissa Mitchell, Meagan Fennell and Aimee Diaz), Leadership Award (Daryl Stein), Top

     Gun Jumper 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Top Gun Dancers 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2 Spirit Sticks, Nationals Bid, 2 Staff Applications

     (Daryl Stein and Chelsea Reiter)

UCA West Coast Championship (2011)

     1st Place Fight Stong, 3rd Place Time Out Dance, 6th Place Medium Varsity Division 1 

NCA Battle of the Sun City (2011)

     1st Place Fight Song, 1st Place Time Out Cheer, 1st Place Time Out Dance, 2nd Place Overall

American Championships American Showcase, 2nd Place (2010)

     Sportsmanship Hall of Fame Award (2010) 

UCA New Mexico Spirit Fest, 2nd Place (2010) 

NCA Whitesands Regional Classic (2010) 

     1st Place Group Stunt, 2nd Place Group Stunt, 3rd Place Group Stunt, 1st Place Fight Song, 1st Place Timeout Dance,

     Best Use of Jumps, Best Use of Stunts

UCA Southwest Desert Regional Championship (2009)

     -1st Place Fight Song, 1st Place Sideline Cheer, 1st Place Timeout Dance 

El Paso Magazine Best Cheerleading Squad, Team of the Year 2009 

El Paso Magazine, Cheerleading Team of the Year (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005)

UCA Southwest Desert Regional Championship, 1st Place (2008)

NCA US Championship-Knott’s Berry Farm, 1st Place (2007)

NCA US Championship-Knott's Berry Farm, Grand Champion (2007)                           

NCA US Championship-Las Vegas, 2nd Place (2007)

COA Lone Star Championship- Dallas, Grand Champion (2006)

COA Lone Star Championship- Dallas, Champions, 1st Place (2006)

COA Fiesta Open Championship-San Antonio, 2nd Place (2006)

NCA US Championship-Las Vegas, 2nd Place (2005)       

NCA New Mexico Regional Championship-Albuquerque, 1st Place (2005)

NCA White Sands Regional Championship-Alamogordo, 2nd Place (2005)

NCA US Championship-Las Vegas, 1st Place (2004)

NCA Land of Enchantment Championship-Alamogordo, 3rd Place (2004)

NCA White Sands Regional Competition, 1st Place (2004)

COA Fiesta Open Championship-San Antonio, 1st Place (2004)

COA Fiesta Open Championship-San Antonio, Grand Champion (2004)